Developer Documentation (Sitecore 9)

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Experience Management

Create, manage, and publish content to your website.

Experience Management
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Experience Platform

Collect and search experience data with xConnect and the Experience Database (xDB).

Experience Platform
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Experience Commerce

Drive valuable, personalized shopping experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Experience Commerce

Platform Guides

Scaling and Architecture Guide

An overview of the Sitecore Experience Platform architecture and scaling options.

Server Role Configuration Reference

Configure server roles and services.

Rule-based configuration

Use rule-based configuration to customize your server.

Security Hardening Guide

Improve the security of your Sitecore installation.

Installation Guides

Installation documentation is included with each release of the platform.

Upgrade Guides

Upgrade documentation is included with each release of the platform.

Session State Guide

Track all your contact sessions across different browsers and devices.

Compatibility Guide

List of supported modules, products, browsers, operating systems, .NET frameworks, and third-party software per platform release.

Sitecore on Azure

Set up Sitecore on Azure

Deploy Sitecore on Microsoft Azure.

Sitecore Azure Toolkit

Use the Sitecore Azure Toolkit to package and deploy your Sitecore solution on Microsoft Azure.

Managed Cloud

Host your Sitecore Cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure.

Connectors and Frameworks

CRM Connect

A suite of products that integrate CRM systems with the Sitecore Experience Platform.


SPEAK (Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit) is a framework for developing Sitecore applications.

Data Exchange Framework

A framework used to build connections that integrate third-party content, analytics, and other data.

Tools and SDKs

Sitecore Javascript Services

TECHNICAL PREVIEW: Use the JSS SDK to build a flexible, modern Sitecore solution.

xDB Data Migration Tool

Convert and migrate data from Sitecore Experience Database 8.X to Sitecore Experience Database 9.0.X.

Development Practices


A set of overall design principles and conventions for Sitecore development.


A demo site built on the Helix guidelines.