Enable marketers to add content to an email message based on an imported HTML file

Last updated Friday, August 11, 2017 in Email Experience Manager for Administrator, Developer
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If a marketer creates an email campaign based on an imported HTML file, you can enable the marketer to add additional content to the email message, if you add a placeholder in the HTML file.

In the Email Experience Manager (EXM), the marketer can then open the email message in edit mode, add a rendering, and associate the rendering with the relevant placeholder and content item. Then, the content item appears in the email message body in the location of the placeholder, and the marketer can edit that content.

To enable marketers to add additional content to an email message based on an HTML file:

  • Add the following placeholder in the HTML file where marketers should be able to add additional content.

    <sc:Placeholder Key="name of placeholder" runat="server" />

    In this example, the placeholder is named exm-content:

    <title>The email campaign</title> 
    This is an imported HTML file.<br/>
    You can edit the following content:<br/>
    <sc:Placeholder Key="exm-content" runat="server" />


Marketers must use the name of the placeholder to associate it with the rendering that they add to the message. To perform this task, the marketer must be a member of the Designer security role.

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