Enable the multilanguage message functionality

Last updated Wednesday, June 1, 2016 in Email Experience Manager for Developer, Administrator

The Email Experience Manager lets you send messages to recipients in their preferred language. To use this functionality, you must first enable the multilanguage functionality and add the relevant languages to your Sitecore installation.

Enable the multilanguage functionality

The recipient's preferred language is defined by the LanguageFieldName setting in the Sitecore.EmailExperience.Core.config file. This setting specifies the property name of a user profile to be used as the preferred language.

By default, the setting value is empty and the multilanguage functionality is disabled.

<setting name="LanguageFieldName" value="" />
  • To enable the multilanguage functionality, set a value for the LanguageFieldName setting. The following setting works with a default recipient profile:
    <setting name="LanguageFieldName" value="ContentLanguage" />

Add the relevant languages

You must add the languages that you want your marketers to be able to choose from when they create a new language version of a message.

  • To change the range of available languages, edit the list of master languages in the /sitecore/System/Languages folder.


When the marketer creates or edits a message, they can create a new language version of a message from the Message languages drop-down menu.


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