The EXM default settings

Last updated Thursday, October 12, 2017 in Email Experience Manager for Administrator, Developer
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Before you can send any email campaigns with EXM, you must configure the default settings to create a manager root.

When you save the settings, EXM creates the default manager root in the Email Campaign folder (/sitecore/content/Email Campaign).


EXM has the following default settings:

Setting name



Base URL


The website address of the EXM server.

This URL is used in all the links in the email message.

Preview base URL


In a scaled environment, internal links from test email messages point to the CM server by default.

To point the links to a different server, specify its URL in this setting. If set, it overrides the Base URL setting for test messages.

From email


The email address that you want to appear in the From field of your email messages.


If you are using the Sitecore MTA as your provider, you must add the domain of the from email address to the list of domains, before you can save the changes.

From name


The name that you want to appear as the From name on your email messages.

Reply to


The email address that you want the replies from recipients sent to.

Global opt-out list


A static contact list that contains contacts who click the Unsubscribe from all link.

The contacts on this list will never receive another email message from EXM, even if the contact appears in a list that you have included in an email campaign.

To change this default list, click Browse to select a different list.

You can edit the EXM default settings later, either in the EXM application or in the Content Editor.