Sitecore Experience Platform behavior on Azure

Last updated Monday, October 9, 2017 in Managed Cloud for

For most aspects of Sitecore development, all standard Sitecore facilities, operations, and requirements work in the same way on Azure as they do when Sitecore runs on an on-premise server. With Managed Cloud, Sitecore maintains the platform, so you can focus on implementing your solution.

From Sitecore 8.2 Update-1 and later, the Sitecore Experience Platform is released ready for deployment into Azure Web Apps. The Sitecore platform architecture creates a similar experience for Sitecore customers using the platform, whether in the Cloud or on-premise. This approach guarantees that all platform features, configuration settings, security, API, and scaling options apply to both Sitecore on-premise and Sitecore deployed in Azure Web Apps, (regardless of whether you deploy Sitecore through the Managed Cloud service, manually, by using the Sitecore Azure Toolkit, or the Azure Marketplace).

You can get many benefits from the Sitecore Managed Cloud service and about deploying your customizations with Microsoft Azure on the Sitecore Doc site or on the Sitecore Knowledge Base.


The default Sitecore setup in Azure connects Sitecore to appropriate Azure PaaS services such as Azure Search, Azure Redis (for session state), and Application Insights, (for logging, monitoring, and performance counters).

Sitecore patches configuration files to integrate into all of these services, which means that it is very simple to swap out some of these services if you want to. The only exception is the Sitecore Platform parts compatibility.

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