The JSON search parameters

Last updated Wednesday, April 12, 2017 in Sitecore Experience Accelerator for Designer, Developer
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You can view and access the JSON data that is returned to every page through the URL. In Preview mode, you can do JSON data search calls by adding query parameters in your browser's address bar. Each query starts with question mark (?) and each query parameter is separated by the ampersand (&) character. Values are comma separated.

Use the following parameters to search the JSON data:

Query parameter



Returns the results with the specified word.

For example, to search for pages with the word Creative:



Returns a specified amount of pages.

For example, to return only the first 3 pages:



Excludes a specified amount of elements from the returned result.

For example, to skip the first 4 elements of a page:



Sorts the results based on specified facets.

For example, to sort results based on the title:

&o=Title, Ascending


Returns results based on a specified geospatial item.

For example, a geospatial search on the distance in kilometers between a city and other cities, with the closest city first:

&g=5..2193835|6.56650799999969&o=DistanceKm, Ascending


Returns the pages based on the specified JSON variant.

For example, a search on a site that lists variants of tropical fruits, with search filters for size and color:


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