Configure the map provider

Last updated Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in Sitecore Experience Accelerator for Developer

The Map rendering makes it easy to embed interactive maps anywhere on your page. You can also add points of interest to the map, and define a custom starting location. Before you can use the Map rendering on your pages, you must configure the maps provider. By default, SXA provides two choices of maps providers: Google Maps and Bing Maps. Both maps providers are implemented as base themes and to be able to use them, you must inherit their base theme in the theme you use for your site.

This topic describes how to:

Add the map base theme to a theme

To add the map base theme to a theme:

  • In the Media Library folder, in your custom theme, in the Theme section, select the maps provider from the Base Themes folder. You can only select one map provider per theme.

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The order of selected base themes is important. Be careful when you are adding something new or changing the order. The order of the themes must be: Core Libraries, Main Theme, Provider Theme, Maps, SearchTheme.

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Store the maps authorization key

Google Maps API and Bing Maps API applications require authentication.

To store the maps authorization key:

  • Go to Settings/Maps Provider, and in the Properties section, in the Key field, enter the authorization key.

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    Depending on the maps provider you are using, refer to Google Maps or Bing Maps for more information about API keys.

Once the maps provider is configured correctly and added to the theme you use for your site, you can use the Map rendering on your pages.

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