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Last updated Friday, August 17, 2018 in Sitecore Experience Platform for Marketer
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The Experience Profile search helps you search for groups of contacts or a specific contact. This provides you with insight into the value per visit that contacts generate, the channels and device types that they use to visit your websites, and the goals or outcomes that they convert while interacting with your content. This information helps you to target and segment your contacts, and then to provide them with timely and relevant.

The search results provide you with the following information about contacts:




The contact's name

Email address

The contact's email address

Value (Latest value)

The engagement value that the contact accumulated on their last visit to your website

Value (total)

The contact's total engagement value

Number of visits

The total number of visits that the contact has made to your website

Value per visit

The average engagement value per visit that the contact generated

Visit duration

The amount of time that the contact spent on your website

Last interaction

The amount of time that has passed since the contact last visited your website

There are two ways that you can search for a contact in the Experience Profile.

  • Faceted search – filter your contacts based on date, channel, outcome, and goal.
  • Text search – enter text to find specific contacts


XConnect does not index personal data by default and you therefore cannot search by name or email.

Furthermore, the facets in the xProfile depend on the interaction cache and whether the interaction filters are populated. If an interaction has occurred outside the boundaries set for the interaction cache, the interaction won't appear in any search results.

Faceted search

To perform a faceted search:

  1. In the Experience Profile, on the Search page, select the Filter button.
  2. In the Search filter window, under Date range, in the From date and To date date pickers, select the date range that covers your search.

    Picture 1

  3. Select a facet category check box, for example, Channels.
  4. Select the check boxes of the specific facet or facets that you want to filter on from the drop-down list. Click Apply to apply the search facets.

    Picture 2

    The results of your search appear as a list.

Text search

To perform a text search:

  1. In the Experience Profile, on the Dashboard, select the Filter button.
  2. In the Search text field, enter your search text and click the Search Picture 3 icon.

    Picture 4The results of your search appear as a list.

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