xConnect and xDB

Last updated Wednesday, November 22, 2017 in Sitecore Experience Platform for Developer
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You can collect and search all of your experience data with xConnect and the Experience Database (xDB).


xConnect is the service layer between the xDB and trusted client applications. You use the xConnect Client API to get, create, search, and update contacts and interactions. You can also extend the xConnect model with custom events and facets.

Marketing Automation

The Marketing Automation Engine processes contact enrollment in campaigns and activities. Use the Marketing Automation Operations API to manage enrollments directly, or retrieve enrollment statistics using the Marketing Automation Reporting API. Marketing Automation can be extended with custom activities.

Reference Data Service

​​The Reference Data Service is a stand-alone xDB service that allows you to store and use definition data the xDB environment. You use the Reference Data Client API to create and retrieve custom data types.


Processing aggregates experience data into a format that is suitable for reporting.


You use the Reporting API to access your aggregated data in the reporting database.

Web Tracking

Web tracking is a function of the Content Delivery servers that allows you to identify and track visitors on your website. The tracker allows you to identify contacts, trigger events, and loads facets into session.

Marketing Operations

You use the Marketing Operations API to create and manage goals, campaigns, outcomes, events, and taxonomies.

Segmentation and conditions

You can extend the segmentation engine with custom segmentation queries, and use custom conditions for personalization and marketing automation.

Scaling and Server Role Configuration

Refer to the Scaling guide and Server role configuration reference for scalability options and server role configuration. This includes:

  • Configuring a Content Delivery server
  • Configuring a Content Management server
  • Configuring a Processing server
  • Configuring a Reporting Service server

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