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Last updated Monday, July 9, 2018 in Sitecore Experience Platform for Content Author

When you edit content in rich text fields, you can benefit from the advanced editing functionalities in the Rich Text Editor or in Microsoft Word. For minimal editing functionality, you can edit rich text fields directly on the item or page in the Experience Editor.

The Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor is the standard text editor in Sitecore. In this editor, you can edit all the content in a rich text field.

In the Rich Text Editor, you can:

  • Paste text from Microsoft Word.
  • Find and replace text.
  • Insert pictures or other media items.
  • Insert and delete links to other parts of the website and to external websites.
  • Insert symbols.


The Rich Text Editor is a standard word processing tool, but in Sitecore, most of the formatting functionality has been removed because the style sheets and templates for a website determine the format of the items that content authors create and edit.

Microsoft Word

You can use Microsoft Word as your text editor in Sitecore and benefit from all the functionality that is available in Microsoft Word. You can open the Word field editor from both the Content Editor and the Experience Editor.

  • Insert a link to an item in Sitecore.
  • Insert an image from the Media Library.


To edit a text field in the Word field editor, your administrator must set up the text field as a Word field. In addition, make sure to use Microsoft Word 2007 or later and Internet Explorer 7 or later. If you use Internet Explorer 8, you must configure your security settings to support Word fields in Sitecore.

Edit a text field

To edit a text field in the Content Editor or in the Experience Editor:

  1. In the Content Editor or the Experience Editor, navigate to the item or page that you want to edit. Make sure to select the relevant version and language of the item.
  2. To open the text editor:
    • From the Content Editor – in the content area, locate the Rich Text field you want to edit and click Show Editor. If the text field is a Word field, you click Edit.
    • From the Experience Editor – click the field that you want to edit and in the floating toolbar that appears, click Edit the text button_xe_FloatingToolbar_EditText. If the text field is a Word field, click Edit the word document icon_word.
  3. Make the appropriate changes to the content in the text field.
    • In the Rich Text Editor, if you prefer to edit the content in HTML format, click HTML.



      Your Sitecore system administrator controls the features that are available to you. If you need more features, ask your administrator to make them available.

    • In a Word field, to insert a Sitecore link to another item on your website, click Insert a link. To insert an image from the Media Library, click Insert media item. If the image is not available in the Media Library, you can use the insert picture functionality in Microsoft Word.



      Images that you want to use regularly, you should upload to the Media Library.

  4. When you are finished editing the content, click Accept to save your changes.


To make sure that links do not break when items are, for example, renamed, deleted, or moved, all the links to Sitecore items or media items should have the format:

<img ... src="-/media/{ITEM_ID}.ashx" />


<a href="~/link.aspx?_id={ITEM_ID}&amp;_z=z">

For example, <img alt="logo" height="51" width="204" src="-/media/094AED0302E7486880CB19926661FB77.ashx" />

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