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Last updated Monday, May 23, 2016 in Sitecore Experience Platform for Marketer
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When you open the List Manager, the dashboard gives you a quick overview of the lists that are available in Sitecore.

In the List Manager menu, in the List section, you can click a link to see a list of all:

  • Recently created lists – displays all recently created lists from the top, regardless of location.
  • My lists – displays the lists created by the logged in user or where the logged in user is specified as the owner.
  • Contact lists – displays all the Contact lists, regardless of location.
  • Segmented lists – displays all the Segmented lists, regardless of location.


From each of these lists, you can click the name of the list to open it. In addition, if you want to delete a list or organize your lists in folders, you can click the list row and then click the drop-down arrow. Depending on the type of list that you click or if you click a folder, different options are enabled in the drop-down menu. The options are:

  • List
    • Move - move the list into a different folder.
    • Delete - delete the list.
    • Export contacts - export the contacts that are included in the list to a CSV file.
    • Convert to contact list - convert a Segmented list to a Contact list.
  • Folder
    • Delete - delete the folder.
    • Move - move the folder into another folder.
    • New - create a new folder. If you have clicked a folder, the new folder is created as a subfolder; otherwise, the folder is created in the folder root.
    • Rename - rename the folder.


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