Lock a parent-child relationship

Last updated Monday, May 23, 2016 in Sitecore Experience Platform for Developer, Administrator

In some cases, you want to lock the relationship between a parent item and its child items even though both are stored in an item bucket. You might need to ensure that the child items are always stored below the parent item, for example, by locking the parent to child relationship between news articles and comments.

To lock a parent to child relationship:

  1. In the Template Manager, navigate to the template for the parent item. For example, the news article template.
  2. Expand the template in the content tree, and select the _Standard Values item.
  3. In the right pane, scroll down to the Item Buckets section.

    Picture 1

  4. Select the Lock child relationship check box.


    If you create a content item that is a child of a content item based on this template, it is not automatically structured in the item bucket. Instead, it retains its relationship with the parent item. For example, comments will always be children of the news article that they refer to.

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