Apply a page filter to an external website in FXM

Last updated Monday, October 16, 2017 in Sitecore Experience Platform for Marketer

You can use a page filter to define a set of different pages on external site and then use it to assign tracking functionality, such as goals, to it. Therefore, every visit to the page(s) defined in the page filter is tracked accordingly.

For example, you can apply a page filter to a page on a website and then add a click action to a button on that page that lets you associate an event with the button. When a contact clicks on the button, triggering the event, you can collect and analyze that information in Experience Analytics.

You apply page filters to an external site in the FXM Experience Editor.

  1. From the Sitecore Launchpad, open FXM.
  2. On the FXM Dashboard, under Tracked external websites, click the name of the website you want to edit.
  3. On the Edit External Website page, click Open in Experience Editor.
  4. In the Experience Editor, navigate to the page you want to assign the page filter to, on the Home tab, in the FXM Advanced group, click Add Page Filter.


  5. In the Add Page Filter dialog, enter the name of the page filter and under Rules, in the Match page field, enter the URL of the webpage you want to apply the page filter to, and then select one of the three options from the menu.
    • Match this page only - applies the page filter to this page only.
    • Match this page and all children - applies the page filter to this page and all child pages.
    • Custom - allows you to configure the pages that you wish to match, via a specific set of rules in the Rule Set Editor.
  6. On the tabs, Profiles, Goals, Campaigns, Events, or Outcomes you can assign the marketing attributes to the FXM function right away or you can assign them later from Manage FXM Functions in the ribbon.


  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save Picture 3 and then, on the Home tab, FXM Advanced group, click Publish to publish the changes.
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