Configure a search and indexing provider

Last updated Monday, October 23, 2017 in Sitecore Experience Platform for Administrator, Developer
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When you configure servers, you must select a search and indexing provider. You can select Lucene, Solr, or Azure, depending on your business purpose and the type of server architecture you want to implement.

This topic describes how to:

To help you select a search and indexing provider, use the following links:

When you have chosen a search provider, you must specify it in the web.config file.

To specify the search provider:

  • In the web.config file, locate the <AppSettings> section and change the value of the search:define setting to your search provider. For example:
    <add key="role:define" value="ContentDelivery"/>
    <add key="search:define" value="Solr"/>

If there is no search:define setting in the web.config file, you can add it yourself.


The web.config file must have only one line using the search:define setting. If there is more than one search:define line, Sitecore only uses the value in the last line.

The supported values for a search provider are:

  • Solr
  • Lucene
  • Azure


On a standalone Sitecore instance, you can select Lucene, Solr, or Azure. The default value is Solr. On multiserver Sitecore installations, you must select Solr.

When you have specified the search provider, Sitecore automatically configures the server to work with the selected provider.


You can use the Show Config tool to see the resulting configuration as it looks when Sitecore compiles it at runtime. You can also use the Show Config tool to simulate changing the configuration rules or disabling configuration layers without actually changing the configuration.

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