Logging in to a Sitecore website using social network credentials

Last updated Monday, May 23, 2016 in Social Connected for Developer, Administrator
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The Social Connected module lets website visitors log in to the website with their social network credentials. This feature is called Social Connector. Sitecore does not access the visitor’s credentials; it uses the API to communicate with the social network. If a visitor does not grant access to their profile information, the system redirects them back to the website. The visitor still has to log in to the website.

When a website visitor logs in using their social network credentials, the Social Connected module receives all the information from the visitor’s profile that they have allowed the social network to share.

The module saves the social profile information to a Sitecore user profile in the extranet domain and to a contact profile. A user profile stores service information, such as access tokens, application ID, and so on. A contact profile stores the rest of the information, such as interests, sex, age, and so on.

Website visitors can use Social Connector to log in to the website with their social network credentials, thereby avoiding the registration process. Social Connector also enables the website to collect more information about a website visitor from their social network profile.

The process of logging in to a Sitecore website

THe process of logging in to a Sitecore website

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