The SXA Storefront installation packages

Last updated Thursday, February 1, 2018 in SXA Storefront for Administrator

This topic describes the packages that you can use to install the SXA Storefront. When you install the SXA Storefront installation packages, you make it possible to select SXA Storefront features when you create new tenants and sites in SXA.

This topic describes the content of the following SXA Storefront installation packages:

Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator

This package contains:

  • The foundation layer for all SXA Storefront features.
  • Commerce renderings for the SXA Toolbox.
  • The scaffolding functionality to create a blank tenant and site.
  • The extension theme, which SXA uses to create new custom themes that support the commerce components.


This package is required if you install any of the other SXA Storefront packages.

Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Storefront

This package contains the storefront template, which consists of:

  • Prebuilt pages.
  • Scaffolding items that Sitecore uses to create a storefront based on the storefront template.

After installation, there is no content in the /sitecore/content folder. All scaffolding items are in branches, from where you can deploy them using scaffolding.

Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Storefront Themes

This package contains the following SXA Storefront themes: Storefront Mock-up with product images, Storefront Mock-up with mock images, and Storefront Branded.

Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Habitat catalog

This package contains the Habitat catalog and the corresponding scaffolding items.

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