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This topic describes the overview for xDB Cloud 1.0 (Sitecore 8.1). For later versions, refer to the overview for xDB Cloud 2.0 (Sitecore 8.2).

Sitecore xDB Cloud Edition is a managed service that enables you to run Sitecore xDB entirely in the cloud. This service includes: Dedicated Sitecore application servers for processing, aggregation, and reporting.

  • Microsoft SQL Server reporting database
  • MongoDB collection database
  • Contact segmentation index

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Sitecore XP with xDB Cloud

xDB Cloud can run the full Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), a Cloud solution comprises the following services and features:

  • An on-premise solution that implements Experience Management functionality and consists of Content Delivery (CD) and Content Management (CM) servers, as well as the necessary SQL Server databases. When using Sitecore Azure, you can deploy the CD and CM instances on Microsoft Azure.
  • The xDB Cloud Set – a set of cloud services and connected databases that implement on-premise xDB functionality off-premise in the cloud. This functionality includes the ability to collect and process experience data, as well as contact search and segmentation.
  • The xDB Cloud Discovery service – the central endpoint that connects an xDB Cloud Set by a license ID and a customer-defined deployment ID.
  • The xDB Cloud API service – enables certain operations to work in an xDB Cloud Set.

xDB Cloud versus on-premise

The Sitecore xDB Cloud service provides the following benefits over an on-premise installation:

  • A simpler infrastructure
  • Reduced upfront costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased reliability, provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and the MongoLab (mlab) service for MongoDB databases.
  • A fully managed service that includes Sitecore updates and monitoring. Sitecore continuously monitors the xDB Cloud Sets to minimize system downtime.
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