Troubleshooting xDB Cloud

Last updated Wednesday, August 16, 2017 in xDB Cloud for Administrator, Developer
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This topic applies to xDB Cloud 2.0. It has also moved, remember to update your bookmark.

A useful reference for some of the most common troubleshooting queries for using xDB Cloud, including:

What is the xDB Cloud Set capable of?

For a full list of the services that the xDB Cloud Set provides, see the Service Catalog table in the xDB Cloud – Service catalog and policies article.

How do I know which features and modules are compatible with xDB Cloud?

There are a number of features and modules that work with xDB Cloud, such as Experience Analytics, Path Analyzer, Web Forms for Marketers, and Federated Experience Manager. For a full list of compatible components and modules, refer to the xDB Cloud Service compatibility tables.

How do I connect Sitecore to xDB Cloud?

xDB Cloud deployments are called xDB Sets. An xDB Set is identified by both the customer's 14 digit License ID and the Deployment ID that is a customer-defined string; you need both of these when you connect to xDB Cloud 2.0.

What are the limitations of xDB Cloud?


The following limitations only apply to xDB Cloud 1.0 and xDB Cloud 2.0, they have been resolved for Managed Cloud xDB.

The xDB Cloud service has a standard configuration procedure, designed to work out of the box so you can start using xDB Cloud quickly and easily. Sitecore Cloud Services manages most of the setup and your xDB Cloud database for you. However, this can also limit what you can and cannot do to change or modify the service. For example, you cannot:

  • Access MongoDB or the Reporting database directly, because the environments are secured.
  • Add custom facets to contacts.
  • Create reports based on custom aggregations.
  • Extract data, unless through the Sitecore UI or through APIs. However, you can request a full export of the xDB Collection database through – in the Service Catalog.

How do I ensure network access to xDB Cloud?

Your local Sitecore Content Delivery (CD) and Content Management (CM) installations connect to databases, search indexes, and services in your xDB Cloud deployment. This means that you must configure your firewall to allow outbound connections on specific non-standard ports.

Ports vary from customer to customer, so to get your exact ports and domain names, call the request described in the Get firewalls section of the REST API reference for the xDB Cloud service. If you require assistance with this, contact Sitecore Support services.

The xDB Cloud API services also require a Nexus key for authentication. To get a Nexus key, you must call the SSO Encode Sitecore License service.

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